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A lecturer with passion

Lokaalit-sarja haastattelee Kaakkois-Aasiassa asuvia elämän synnyistä syvistä. Sarjan kolmannessa osassa haastatellaan yliopistomme iranilaista yrittäjyyden opettajaa, Hashemia.

Lokaalit-series interviews people living in South-East Asia about the Life. This time we interview our Iranian teacher of Entrepreneurship, Hashem.

How would you introduce yourself?

Well, I would like to start from my weaknesses. I am a little bit sensitive person, but I’m trying to work on it. Sometimes I get really stubborn; this, I guess, is inherited from my father.

When I feel with my heart, that something is true I want to act on it. I’m also hard-working, I have goals in my life, without them life would be meaningless. I’m persistent: If I want something, I might be slow, but eventually I’ll be there. Quite independent. Very patient.

I studied in one of the best schools in my country, Iran, and after finishing high school, took the national examination –Konkour-  and got into one of the top five universities back home called Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). I did my bachelor’s degree there and majored in statistics. Then I started my own company and at the same time worked as a deputy manager in a bank.

How did you end up in Kuala Lumpur and what are you doing here?

I moved in 2007. I always wanted to live and work in another country. By the time that I decided to leave Iran, I had three options which were India, Malaysia, and Sweden. I eventually picked Malaysia. 

Surprisingly, I could not speak English when I came to Malaysia, but I knew that I would speak English fluently one day. When the plane landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I was really excited.

If you just forget the taxi drivers in Malaysia, everything else is somehow nice and new. If people ask me “whether I like Malaysia or not?” my answer is very simple: If I didn’t like this country I wouldn’t stay here for five years.

As I came to KL I studied 10 months of English Course in a college called KBU. After finishing my English course, I applied for master’s in two universities and got the approval from Multimedia University. After finishing my master’s, I started a company in education industry where I was the business development director. To follow my goals and passion, I decided to apply for teaching positions in a university or college in Malaysia. Eventually, I was admitted and started working as a lecturer in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

How it feels to teach in a university in KL? How are the students?

A multinational environment with students from more than 160 countries around the world is basically a great experience and exposure to people from different cultures and backgrounds. I’m learning from my students about their countries, cultures, and the ways businesses are conducted in their countries. Teaching is quite fun. It’s my passion so it’s quite awesome.

How do you like KL overall?

Except for taxi drivers and public transportation, I love KL. Food is good here and there is variety of choices. Basically you can see whole Asia in Malaysia. I believe that it is because of the multicultural environment of this country.

What are your favorite places here in KL? What about in Malaysia?

Lookout Point, you can see the whole KL from there. And Lankgkawi, of course.

What do you like to do in KL when you have leisure time?

I usually go and try a new restaurant. About local restaurants, one of my favorites is Madam Kwan Restaurant. I also hang out with my friends whenever I have time. I like reading a lot - all kinds of books. I also like watching movies, Godfather is the best of them. I love Beautiful Mind, too.

Do you have some favorite Malaysian dish / food?

Chechen and beef rendang are my favorites. Watermelon here is awesome, I love it very much. I got really sweet teeth and I love chocolate very much.

Do you have life philosophy / vision etc. and if so, would you like to tell, what it is?

Definitely I have. I want to work in education field, that’s why I’m here. I want to contribute to the society where I live in and where I belong to. I hate racism. To me everyone represents him/herself by his mind and heart.

What do you think; is the change inevitable when you are traveling?

I have one recommendation to people younger than me: Travel as much as you can. Even if you don’t have enough money, try to borrow some and at least visit two or three countries around the world. You benefit from travelling definitely. Knowing the cultures, the people, and etc. will help you to grow faster, get more mature, and broaden your horizon.

What kind of greetings you’d like to send to our readers?

I wish them all the best in their life and career path. I hope their life is filled with happiness, success, wealth and health. Never get disappointed and remember that: “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” Be a winner, be curious, and change your strategies whenever you find it hard or difficult to reach to your goals. In your life remember one simple thing:

Everyone has a special gift and the only challenge is to find that gift.

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