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Matkaajat: Peter the Relaxed

Matkaajat-series interviews other travellers about travelling, exchange studies and travelling philosophy.

This time we interview Peter, who is also studying Business Management in Limkokwing University.

Who are you and where do you come from?
My name is Peter, 23 years old, from Germany. In Germany I study at European University of Applied Science, which is located between Bonn and Cologne,

What are you doing in Southeast Asia?
I came for studying, but my aim was also to travel as much as possible during these four and a half months.

What has been the best place you’ve been in or the best experience you’ve had so far in South-East Asia?
I think the best place has been Vietnam, people are very friendly and helpful there. I really think the best experience has been to come here to live together with you, eleven Finnish guys.

In which places have you been traveling?
In Malaysia Cameron Highlands, Melacca, Penang, Tioman islands, Langkawi, Taman Negara, KL and surroundings, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. Last year I was in Indonesia.

Where are you heading next and why?
Next journey will be to Cambodia, because I want to see Angkor Wat.

Do you have some kind of a philosophy when traveling?
Yes, of course: Low budget. The cheapest food is always the best. Also don’t stick to those main tourist routes. I try always find the true spirit of the country.

What is the best thing in traveling?
Learning about other cultures, broadening your horizon. It doesn’t have to be with locals, because you can get to meet so many other people as well.

Your best traveling tips?
If you have the time, get into country and start without planning or at least don’t plan too hard. Go with the flow. Try to eat as much local food as possible. And try to avoid diarrhea.

Is change inevitable?
I think yes, because you always change when you see something new, and your mind and way you think about things changes. But I think it’s only good.

Your greetings to blog readers?
If you have time, you should definitely come to South East Asia, because it is amazing.

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