lauantai 23. heinäkuuta 2011

The Trip of Dreams

Note: As said on About page, most of these writings at the start will be in Finnish (read more here). But this writing I wanted to share also for our potential international viewers.

I guess it was watching Madventures travel program (one of the finest travel program concepts on TV, I've ever encountered) when I decided that someday I will travel to Southeast Asia.

When I was doing my BBA studies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, I thought that I had no time for exchange studies.

When I continued my studies in a Master's Degree Programme, I thought that I would definitely use the chance of leaving Finland for exchange studies.

These two paths encountered each other when I was seeking some exchange programs: Program in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Also third path lead to that way: my interest towards creativity and design. 2012 I will be studying in a Design Innovation programme at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Before that I have a great pleasure to see other parts of Southeast Asia with a man I share so much of ideology. We are planning to see Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Other probable destinations during the trip include Sumatra of Indonesia and Vietnam.

Planned activity is half-done activity

Though that latter part, actual travelling, will be more significant, I want to plan this trip very well so that we don't have to consume our time or other resources to planning when we have better things to do.

For me that planning doesn't mean "we should be there at 10 AM and leave exactly 8 PM" type of strict scheduling, but collecting a lot of ideas about possibilities in advance and reading about the local cultures.
During this planning phase we will probably post some info about these:
  • Insurance (in Finnish only)
  • Budgeting
  • Vaccinations and medication (in Finnish only)
  • Equipment
  • Route and carrier planning
  • Accommodation
  • Destination and activities
Now towards The Trip of Dreams!